Hello, so Spring has sprung! In last year’s blog, I spoke in general terms about decluttering your life.

This year I have decided to include more practical tips and solutions as that is exactly what I have been doing in my own home.

I have a huge tribe of friends who all have families and it seems we all struggle with the same problem areas.

I am a huge fan of storage containers and I find that just adding a few to our home and routine goes far to streamline the clutter and fog.

So below are some tips and clever hacks to help ‘spring’ us out of the chaos and save us time.


Do you find yourself in a constant state of searching for car keys, wallet and sunglasses whenever you leave home?

SOLUTION: I now have a container in a central cupboard or drawer in our home and the wallets, sets of keys and sunglasses live in there. We have trained ourselves to drop it in there and we know exactly where to find our goods.

What does your shoe cupboard look like? Mine used to be an absolute nightmare.

SOLUTION: I stumbled across this storage container and it is just great for organizing shoes, I have one in my cupboard and it has been amazing. It makes your shoes easy to find and keeps them in peak condition. I do arrange my shoes according to season and boots are housed separately.

Going to do the shopping and forgetting to buy something because you didn’t make the list, or you left it at home.

SOLUTION: I have implemented a digital shopping list under reminders on my iPhone and I have invited my husband to have access and I have teenagers so they can also add to the list as and when they need something. This has really helped eliminate those last-minute rushes to the shop.

Does your car boot look like a war zone after school pick up and shopping? Most of the time my poor laptop is in the risk of been flattened by hockey bags etc.

SOLUTION: I now have a storage container for all my valuables and it now easy to access my goods and they are protected from damage. No more leaning into a large boot to retrieve the smallest item.

Kids school bags are all over the place either on the floor in the living area or in the middle of the floor in their bedrooms

SOLUTION: I have given my daughter the Stack It Pedi Storage from our range, her school bag gets packed and put into the top and the extramural bag in the bottom. The result is a tidier room and no mad scramble looking for bags.

Shelving always seems to get messy and full

SOLUTION: I have added a few of these gems called undershelf storage baskets, they are easily available, I bought mine from Pep Home they are super cheap and work so well in the kitchen or in clothing cupboards

Staying organized is not as easy as a spring breeze. It requires been diligent about sticking to the systems we implement.

But creating order is always worth it. Stay the course

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