Well, I used to look at those parents who chose the home schooling option and thought wow that is impressive. I would never be able to do that. This is a lesson indeed, excuse the pun, but homeschooling has come knocking at my door very quickly. Well, it was pretty much the only thing knocking at my door for weeks, so I had no choice but to reluctantly let it in.

I am a mom to 2 kids, a 16-year-old grade 10 son and a (counting the days to said birthday) 13-year-old grade 7 daughter. Thankfully our school has grade 7’s moving over to the high school so I will not have to take on 2 different systems. This is me looking very hard for positives.

Our big kick-off was later than the other schools so I have been looking at the world around me adapt to this new norm.

I have 1 week left to gather my thoughts before we KICK off. I am writing this for fellow moms but mostly for myself.

I believe that the key to making this a success for our family is all about the prep and systems put in place. See some of my key pointers below:


Prepare the space:

Firstly, I am the founder of a kiddie’s furniture business so it makes sense that planning the workspace would be of utmost importance to me as my ethos is that space can inspire and motivate.

The most important item is a study desk which we have, and since all the books have come home from school at once I realize a bookcase or shelving to store all the books for easy access is a must-have.

There are so many good reasons for purchasing a desk and I would recommend purchasing something that will stand the test of time and take your kids through all the stages.

Just some good reasons to buy a desk: their own space, limits distractions, teaches neatness and responsibility, it gives them a sense of pride and ownership and lastly it is more comfortable.


Prepare the routine:

It is important that you sit with your kids if they are older and chat about what routine would work well for your family.

Decide on a start time and make it a hard and fast rule. Set the routine as close to morning kick off on a school day as possible.

It is imperative that there is a balance between schoolwork, chores, exercise, fresh air, snack time etc.





Make recess time exciting:

Remember this is a time when they would socialize with their peers, they would soak up some sunshine, laugh and kick a ball etc.

I would recommend preparing a lunch that can be eaten outside or if not possible near an open door or window. Sit with your children and enjoy lunch, it is very important that they do not sit looking at a screen during this time.





Become their accountability partner:

Remember in each subject the teacher sets the rules and deadlines and by doing that they would be their accountability partner. I encourage you to sit with each child and chat to them about what their tasks are for the day and what they would like to achieve and hold them accountable and provide them with the support necessary to achieve these.

It is important they just can track their achievements and attainment of goals as this will motivate them.





Embrace the season we are in:

As all of you know things can be hard particularly at this stage in our lives and have we have no option but to push through as we need to remind ourselves that “this too shall pass” and with that in mind I will embrace the season I am in and encourage my children to do the same.

Remember parents our attitudes to a situation can have a huge impact on our kids so just keep focusing on the positives.





One major positive is that I know for sure my kids will not be taking hockey, ballet, singing lessons, teachers, assembly or their friends for granted ever again. I know that when we return to some semblance of normality, they will embrace it with a deep sense of appreciation.


All the best to you all and remember one day at a time.

Much Love


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