What’s in a name?

Well the responsibility of naming something important can be daunting and a person even more so!

Like take naming your kids, it takes time and a fair amount of research and thought. You relate the name you like to a person and then think heck no! Names conjurer up a thought or feeling about a person you have come across in this journey called life!

So, my kids’ names…. there is a story behind each one! For our son, I liked Callum and my husband Reece and we just couldn’t compromise so I stumbled across the name Robin in the giant name book I got sucked into while been pregnant (sure you all been there, it consumes you) I put forward the name Robin via email to my husband whilst he was on an overseas trip I got an instant reply. He was sitting in the Gulf of Bahrain waiting for his flight and the deal was sealed. Robin was the chosen name and suits him perfectly. He is everything that the strength of the names’ meaning is.

Story 2, our daughters name. We had a list of a few options, Isabella was one but there were so many been named at that stage so we put that on ice.

Right so I am blonde and glamorous, ok I’ll admit I have a little help….with the hair colour and I’m afraid I never got the glamour help but hey, I live in hope. Sorry I get off track.

So, I am blondish with help, and my husband is dark, like Portuguese, Italian style. Then one day while pregnant I see the cutest little blonde, haired girl in the aisle at the Pick ‘n Pay and her mom calls out to her, Cara and I think oh my word that is it I am going to have this little blonde, haired daughter and the name is just perfect. I rush home and my husband agrees Cara is the name of our blonde, haired princess. Cara is born and is a dark brunette who is a “copy and paste” of her dad. But the name is perfect for her and so is she. My angel child that she is.

So when the time came to start our business selling beautiful children’s furniture and decor online, we toyed with many names. I looked into what and why companies have the names they do. Here are some below.


GOOGLE: The internet giant takes its name from “googol” the mathematical term for the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. Makes sense if you think zeros must feature in their turnover like BIG TIME

AMAZON: Jeff Bezos wanted a name that began with an A so it would appear on the top of an alphabet list and he also thought the world’s biggest river would be apt for what he hoped to be the biggest business.

VIRGIN RECORDS was a suggestion to Branson by a friend who said they were “complete virgins at business.”  Haha well that went well for them!

VODAFONE short for voice, data, telephone

So I wanted a name that meant something to us. We looked at my husband and my name and the thought of the business been called Desley, or Haymond made me feel a tad bit queasy. (Well done to our parents, jokes!!!)


Mmmm so then we looked at our kids’ names and voila……ROCA Kids was born.

It is short, punchy and we like to think it is cool, so when the name was decided the corporate colours were pretty easy to come up with. We have ROCA in pink and blue so it pretty much matches everything that I buy in pairs for my pigeon pair.

The colours also speak to the colours that we offer for both boys and girls furniture, linen and decor. The colours are timeless. We wanted to keep it personal so our kids and family children’s names feature in the products names. Our family are very quirky so I can assure you when you purchase one of our named products you are getting a bit of personality with your piece.

And there you have it the story to what is in our name! We are really trusting that the brand ROCA will go from strength to strength and that the legacy will live on for many years and that we will ROCA you with our products. (?ROCA you get it? I’m corny like that but you’ll get used to it)

In conclusion below are my top tips to choosing a name for your business:

1) Be creative and make sure that your name stands out from the crowd

2) Keep it short and sweet, something people can pronounce and remember

3) Try to keep it relevant to your product or industry. Ours is Kids furniture & decor!

4) Make sure the domain name is available

5) Avoid hyphens in your name

6) Make sure you don’t have the same or a similar name to your competitor

7) Run an opinion poll amongst your friends and family


And that’s what’s in a name!

Keep well until next time.


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