Spring Has Sprung!

With the arrival of Spring thoughts turn towards decluttering and “spring cleaning”

I started to think about the concept and I firmly believe that decluttering your space can contribute to decluttering your mind thereby reducing stress. I also started thinking about whether we could perhaps put some steps into action that would pave the way for a better more relaxed year ahead, steps that could declutter both the mind and your space.

We very often are so focused on the big things in life the small things spiral out of control and lumped together they become a big thing.

I have taken stock of my own life and been a working mom of a tween and a teen I thought perhaps these steps could help you gain some clarity in your life as I am in the process of implementing these in mine:

1. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today:

I just find that tackling a task today is key as you never know what tomorrow holds and you don’t have unfinished “business” hanging over you overnight.


2. Checklists for the win:

Make a list of all the areas in your home that you need to bring order to, make a list and allocate some time during each day to work through your list.


3. Take stock:

Look at what you own vs what you use. Make a decision to donate or sell what you no longer use.


4. Unsubscribe to mails you don’t read:

I find on a daily basis as I open my various mail boxes and yes, I only have 5 very active mailboxes! There are just too many mails I have subscribed to and never read, simply unsubscribe and you never have to deal with them again. PS don’t unsubscribe to us! If you’re reading this you know our newsletters are amazeballs 😊


5. Implement a system:

Take charge of all your household admin. I promise you each year we have a mad scramble to get all our tax docs together and I ask why oh why didn’t I implement a filing system. So this year I am taking charge!


6. Evaluate relationships:

Very often we spend time with toxic people out of obligation. Set firm boundaries in place and choose your time with them very carefully. You want to encourage positive influence in your life. Examine how you feel after spending time with people to determine if they are positive or negative influences.


These are small adjustments that I believe can yield big results and if we take the above in the spirit of spring declutter I imagine we really will be able to smell the roses.

With Love, Hayley

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