ROCA Rocks October

Well for us here at ROCA Kids Furniture & Decor October was a month of brand awareness and networking. A big month for a very young business!

Firstly, we joined the Kidz Expo at the start of the month, that was held at Tygervalley Centre. It was great to be out there with a few of our new products and meeting the visitors to the mall. Mall life is interesting! I was there for 4 full days and what surprised me was how many people are serial visitors, sometimes all 4 days in a row. We were blown away by the response from the visitors who stopped by to say Hi and find out more about ROCA Kids Furniture and Décor and all our wonderful children’s furniture & décor products.  We showcased our Noah Crib, our New School Desk, the Zion Pedestal, the Lilly Cot and the Peeka Pedestal. We had limited space so would have loved to have brought a few of our trendy kid’s beds!

I would say the Peeka Pedestal was the show stopper. It really appealed to all ages and sexes and when I say all ages, grandpas to little girls. It was priceless seeing the smiles. The Peeka is cute and functional.

P.S. Tygervalley has its own Mall Cop. You are welcome to email me I have photographic evidence to support my claim, it is Paul Blark? Nope I’m afraid not but he was a very close second.

Our next opportunity to build some brand awareness came in the form of an email from one of the employees of Media 24. We were asked if we would be keen to showcase some of our products in the October issue of YOU, Drum and Huisgenoot! The décor feature which was styled for kiddies! Well we didn’t need to be asked twice. What an awesome opportunity. So off we set to that swank building in the CBD to deliver the Zion Pedestal, the TP Shelf, the Wheelie Storage Box, the Bear Cushion and the Grey Dolly. We were super excited as we took the elevator to the top floor where the magic happens, the photographic studio. We met one of the stylists and admired the view from up there. Well, in true keeping it cool style we even snapped some pics and selfies from the top. Yes, I’m afraid we are complete plebs! What a honour to have our kids furniture and décor featured! ROCA Kids there in print! ? Watch the video we created to show the feature ROCA YOU Video.

Next on the agenda was a radio interview with local radio station ONE FM. Well to say I was nervous was a slight understatement. As you can probably tell I am a complete chatter box and could rattle off about any topic under the sun. Yes, if talking was an Olympic sport I would take the gold! BUT it dawned on me that it was live and I ran the risk of making a complete twit out of myself but what put more coals on the fire was my 13 yrs old asking me if I would be using my telephone voice. I didn’t even know I possessed one! It’s the voice I use for teachers and mom’s I have just met. Well go figure.

I met with LJ and Lucia, two lovely ladies who really put me at ease. When it came time for us to go live on air I felt as if I was just chatting to some girlfriends. It was so awesome talking about how ROCA came to being and our amazing kids furniture and décor line. They loved the fact the we allow shoppers to choose their own finishes and colours and our designs are so practical and unique.  It was a big highlight for me! Again, an honour to get the air time and get the punt!

P.S. I did use my telephone voice.

Next on our schedule was the Mama Magic Baby Expo!! Boy, were we amped for that one. We had to design and build our first stand. Needless to say, I am blessed to have family on hand to help and my awesome brother in law and his team at XZIBIT did an amazing job. I was so proud to have my little stand there. We had to be conservative when we booked the space and had a tiny spot but our AV was on point, thanks to Digital Takeover all our products were beautifully showcased. We also had a beautiful creative gallery of our Beds, Bunks, Cots, Desks, Pedestals and Storage elements showcased on the side walls of our stand.

The highlight for me was chatting to the lovely parents, parents to be and grandparents. I just loved finding out about them and their families. Once again, the response was so inspiring. I remember just before we launched a good friend asked me if I was nervous and I whispered, yes, I am, what if nobody likes it. Well this show really proved to me that people love our products from the furniture right through to all our touches of décor and the freedom to choose your look and feel in terms of colours and woods finish.

What I learnt at this show about our products, the cot that got the most attention was the Lilly Cot! This was in fact our best seller for October and she is beautiful. The most popular choice in finish was the Oak shale as per the image we have on our site with the white sides.

Next was the Aidan Desk, parents just loved the fact that it could be used from little to teen, it can start low on the wall with a toddler chair and be moved higher up on the wall as your child grows. They loved that it saves space and that it is always tidy despite what is going on behind the scenes. It also showed that our products cater from new born, babies, toddlers, right through to teens. Well, some adults have even ordered our Desks!

I also received many requests for a co-sleeper so stay tuned we are working on that!!!

So, our October was Rocking…

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