*Keep it simple, stupid.

So, it’s come around again. Much like the madness other Hallmark Holidays such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Grandparent’s Day, St Valentine’s Day can sometimes feel like a special kind of torture if you’re a parent.  Gone is the early days of catching a late-night movie, dressing up for a fancy dinner or show or just spending time with your loved-one, uninterrupted. Now, it’s trying to organise babysitters, ensuring that you don’t stay out too late (because school runs) and trying to book a semi-decent restaurant that’s semi in your budget. The pressure is very real to go out and do something amazing.

This year, I thought I’d share a bit of wisdom with our #ROCAMoms & #ROCADads on how to just keep it simple this Valentine’s Day – stress-free, family-friendly and filled with love.

#1 KISS – Stargazing

The nights are clear, the air is fresh. Get outside and do some stargazing with the Kids. There are some pretty sweet mobile apps that can help you identify the specific stars, which makes for a fun time for the family.


#2 KISS – Beach Picnic

This one is maybe for all our friends in the Mother City. No doubt the beach will have a couple more people than normal enjoying the sunset, but head out anyway – there are loads of beaches! Pack your favourite food & snack items and voila, you have yourself a family picnic.


#3 KISS – Do something corny

Embrace the cheese. One year I decided to make a really corny home-made card that had a chilli stuck on the front with the inside message reading “You’re Hot”. My teenager cringed when I shared the idea, but I did it anyway and was awarded with a goofy 5 minute laugh with the hubs. Enough small things, create one big thing. 


#3 KISS – Share your story

Share your story with your kids – how you met, how you dated, a story from your wedding day, the most embarrassing moments . in your relationship along with the sweetest ones.


So, go out there and love your loved ones this Valentine’s Day and KISS*

*I meant, keep it simple, stupid – just in case you were getting your hopes up đŸ˜‰

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