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We follow some of you gorgeous mom’s on Instagram as ROCA Kids, and just love how you are all killing it. We’ve seen some super cool ideas that make a Mom and Dad’s job easier, and thought we would ask our very own #ROCAMom, Hayley, to put together a list of her top 5 #MOMHacks. Give it a read:


For those of you of who have little ones who are now eating solids, the best snack you can provide on the run, is a banana. I used to mash the banana in the skin and once all mashed, I would pierce a small section of the skin and spoon it out for baba to eat. No fridge needed and no bowl! 


The last thing any mom of a toddler wants is a child who is locked in a room with the key on the inside with them! Some people remove all the keys from their internal doors. We used a basic plastic hook with double sided tape, placed high up on the door frame. It’s perfect for easy access and for guests who like to lock the door when they visit the loo! 😊


This is something I SO wished I had made when my kids were younger. A toy box is something no home with kiddos should be without! And one with wheels is even better as it can easily be wheeled from the living area to the child’s bedroom with little to no fuss. We have a couple of ROCA storage options for this goal specifically, take a peek at our ROCA Wheelie box!


We all know that feeling when you have a million things to do in the kitchen around dinner time and baby is fussy. This #MOMHack may keep baba entertained for a little while. Take a muffin tray and put one, small edible bit of something – like a tiny block of cheese, or a slice of banana – into each section. It will take them some time to pick up each and every little bit with their thumb and forefinger  in order to eat it. A high chair is the perfect place to do this activity, so baba is safe and under your watchful eye! P.S. it’s also great for fine motor skills!


This is one that saved our sanity. So your little one is a pro at big girl/big boy pants during the day, and it’s now time to progress to the night training. It’s standard to have a mattress protector and then the sheet so that your mattress keeps dry. We used to have a waterproof flat cot sheet that we used to place lengthwise across the bed (or a piece of waterproof fabric). This allowed us a second chance when the bed was wet. All we needed to do was whip off the small waterproof and voila second chance without having to change bedding late at night or early in the morning!

I really hope that helped 😊

Much love,

#ROCAMom, Hayley

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