Happy Father’s Day to the Manne!

In celebration of Father’s Day I decided to place the spotlight on a few dad’s who are at different stages in the amazing journey of fatherhood. As you all know each stage and age comes with its challenges and, most importantly, blessings and great entertainment. So have a read below and hear what they have to say!




Wayne is expecting his first baby with wife, Nadia and will be welcoming the little one in less than 8 weeks’ time!

Wayne with wife, Nadia and their baby bump

















1) What is the most exciting thing about becoming a dad?

I would have to say the unknown, the life-long adventure and challenges that I will have to face and overcome as a father, as well as the ability to love unconditionally.

2) What do you anticipate is going to the biggest adjustment to having a baby join your family?

Personally, I think my independence, time management and freedom to do as I please whenever I want! Lol! As well as meeting her First BF and – hopefully – handling it nicely.

3) Are there any particular traditions that you had growing up that you would love to share with your child?

I would like to make family occasions into what they used to be for me when I was a child. Bring our sense of togetherness and fun-filled times back into our lives together with family.



Toddler dad, Nathan is dad to the most gorgeous almost 2 year old Lillian!

Nathan with wife, Taryn and Lillian;

1. What is the biggest challenge to having a toddler?

The biggest challenge would be managing her runny nose while she is drawing or riding her bike. Keeping a toddler healthy is a challenge all on its own.

2. What is the most valuable thing being dad to Lilly has taught you about yourself?

The most valuable thing about being a father to my daughter, is knowing that she is counting on me all the time and looking up to me for guidance. This has taught me to be more aware of my actions and the decisions I make.

3. If you could teach her one thing your dad taught you what would it be?

I would introduce sport at a young age, this will teach her to work as a team or in her individual capacity.



Tween dad, Jermaine is father to primary school son Noah age 11 and wife to Sherry.

Noah’s biggest dream was always to go watch a live game at Liverpool Football Club home ground. This picture of us is my favourite, taken at Anfield (Home of Liverpool F.C)

1. Looking back what was your favourite stage and why?

I guess it was at toddler stage, because we could include him in the majority of the activities we embarked on as a family.

2. What is the perk of having a son of 11 years old?

I would say this is the grooming phase and you can teach him things that he will remember for life, he is also becoming so independent and starting to do things for himself. It’s very rewarding to see him improving in areas where he previously used to struggle.

3. What is your biggest desire for your son’s future?

That he makes a success of his life regardless of which career path he follows and always have respect for others.



Desmond is dad to a primary school daughter, Cara age 11 and a teenager Robin age almost 15.


Desmond daughter, Cara; his son, Robin and wife, Hayley (me!).

1) How would you recommend dads stay connected to their teenage children as they are growing up?

I always try to engage in activities they enjoy and use that as a base to connect. This even saw me get back into skateboarding at age 40. FYI falling is not quite the same as when you are 16.

2) What is the most entertaining thing about having a teenager in the house?

For me it’s my son’s developing sense of humour in the last year or two he has really come into his own and we share in many pranks and laughs. There is never a dull moment in our home.

3) What are the key values you would like to instill in your teenager?

Honesty, respect, integrity and optimism are important values to me as a person and I can only do my best to lead by example and instill that in both my children.

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